On the 22nd November 2015, the Bavarian State Ballet II will premiere a new piece ‘DisTanz’, choreographed by Dustin Klein.This 15 minute piece for 6 dancers is based on the ‘Uncanny Valley’ hypothesis, a characteristic dip in emotional response that happens when we encounter an entity that appears almost, but not quite, human.

With Geminoid F hitting the headlines in recent weeks, the world’s first android actress, the question has to be asked if there is still a need for ‘real’ performers. When robot counterparts can replicate the exact same performance night after night, work for weeks on end without complaint and don’t even need to be paid, can as in many other industries, artificial intelligence be the way forward for theatre and dance?



Choreography – Dustin Klein

Music – Georg Vorsamer, Tobias Schmid, Denis Klein, Dustin Klein

Costume design – Louise Flanagan

Premiere – 22nd November 2015, Nationaltheater Munich, Bavarian State Ballet II