Last year I had a wonderful experience working with the choreographer Peter Leung and the dancers of the Bayerisches Junior Ballett München creating the costumes for ‘Individuell’.

As well as creating a trailer, the creative journey was filmed and documented, resulting in a backstage video series. Here is a short video tracing the costume development from making, fitting to final rehearsals and the trailer from the stage performances. To see the rest of the series click here!



Trailer and videos – Anne Gryczka, Rue Nouvelle

Choreography – PETER LEUNG in collaboration with the dancers

Costume design – Louise Flanagan

Music – Nicholas Robert Thayer (Electronic music) and Mikolaj Gorecki (‘Divertimento’ 1,2,3)

Lighting design – Christian Kass

Dancers – Lotte James, Armanda Arens, Florimon Poisson, Martin Nudo, Hannah Conlon, Seh Yun An, Anaïs Fitze, Severin Brunhuber, Nikita Voronin