Myopic Bounds


Costume design for dance performance ‘Myopic Bounds’, Stadttheater Landsberg am Lech


The dance theatre production ‘Myopic Bounds’ deals with the corset of conventions, emotions and socialisation that surround us all, and asks questions concerning the need for freedom, limitation, bound and isolation in reference to this corset. How much are we restricted by our outer and inner worlds? How can we develop despite or because of these different boundaries that we are moving in? And where might the imagined but fortress space of emotion that surrounds us lead to?


Choreography - Dustin Klein

Dancers - Dustin Klein, Emma Barrowman (Jonah Cook, Nicha Rodboon)

Music, Dramaturgy - Simon Karlstetter

Scenery - Matthias Lohscheidt (developed in vvvv)

Costumes - Louise Flanagan

Light - Peter Dürrschmidt


Premiere – 16th December 2014, Stadttheater Landsberg am Lech