Costume design for ‘Individuell’ for the Bayerisches Junior Ballett München


ChoreographyPeter Leung in collaboration with the dancers

Costume design – Louise Flanagan

Music - Nicholas Robert Thayer (Electronic music) and Mikolaj Gorecki (‘Divertimento’ 1,2,3)

Lighting design – Christian Kass

Dancers - Lotte James, Armanda Arens, Florimon Poisson, Martin Nudo, Hannah Conlon, Seh Yun An, Anaïs Fitze, Severin Brunhuber, Nikita Voronin


Premiere – 7th April 2019, Nationaltheater Munich


Photos - Wilfried Hösl

Der Tod und das Mädchen / Les petites choses qui disparaissent



Costume design for ‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’ and ‘Les petites choses qui disparaissent’ Theater Regensburg tanz 


ChoreographyYuki Mori, Fabien Prioville

Set designMonika Frenz

Costume design – Louise Flanagan

Lighting design - Wanja Ostrower

Dramaturgy - Christina Schmidt


Premiere – 26th October 2018, Velodrom, Theater Regensburg


PhotosJochen Klenk

The Rite



“The Rite” is Dustin Klein’s fresh interpretation of the tale of pagan ritual and sacrifice that inspired Nijinsky, Stravinsky and the Ballet Russes to create “Le Sacre du Printemps”, a production that was both influential and controversial in its time.

In homage to the avant-garde approach embraced by Ballet Russes, newly-commissioned music, distinctive costume design and innovative dance forms are fused with traditional folk lore and familiar musical themes, in a piece that is equally novel and daring in the modern day.


Set and costume design for The Rite ORIGEN FESTIVAL CULTURAL, Riom, Switzerland


Choreography – DUSTIN KLEIN

Set and costume design – Louise Flanagan


Lighting design – Marc Laperrouze

Dancers – Elisa Mestres, Margarida Neto, Matteo Dilaghi, Nikita Korotkov, Ilia Sarkisov, Nicola Strada


Premiere – 27th July 2018 Reithalle, St. Moritz, Switzerland


Photos - Mathias Kunfermann

Old News



Does the end ever justify the means?

Can acts of terror and abuses of power ever be justified by good intentions, and might redeeming features be found even in the personalities of some of history’s most tyrannical characters?

Old News controversially challenges our assumptions around the concept of absolute evil, and our often one-dimensional perception of historical figures to examine holistically the multi-dimensional human behind the atrocities, conveying their triumphs, emotions, motivations and fears. In expressing the duality of power and oppression, the atemporality of tyranny in human behaviour is exposed through the performances of each dancer. Roles change; power shifts; time, place and scale are irrelevant.


Set and costume design for ‘Old News’ Origen Festival Cultural, Riom, Switzerland


ChoreographyDustin Klein

ConceptDustin Klein, Louise Flanagan, Simon Karlstetter

Set and costume design – Louise Flanagan

MusicSimon Karlstetter

Sound design – Karim Weth

Lighting design – Marc Laperrouze

Dancers – Nicha Rodboon, Maria Daniela González Muñoz, Jonah Cook, Nicholas Losada, Dukin Seo


Premiere – 16th July 2017


PhotosBowie Verschuuren

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