In July, for the fifth year in a row, Dustin Klein, Simon Lovermann and myself were invited back to Origen Festival Cultural to create a full length evening to be premiered and performed in the incredible red tower in the Swiss mountains.

‘Die Stühle’, based on Eugene Ionesco’s play ‘Les Chaises’ from 1952, takes place in a tower in the middle of a circular island surrounded by nothing but stagnant sea. The old couple who live in the tower are isolated from the world and also from each other. Preparing for a big announcement to be made which will affect the future mankind, the couple greet imaginary guests and reminisce about past times but ultimately the empty chairs and invisible crowd become a metaphor for the reality of unreality.

A big thank you to Terence Kohler and Manoela Gonçalves for filming and to Anne Gryczka for editing the trailer. And of course to Giovanni Netzer and everyone at Origen Festival Cultural for giving us the opportunity and freedom to create!

after the play by Eugene Ionesco

Choreography – Dustin Klein
Composition and live music – Simon Lovermann
Costume design – Louise Flanagan
Actor – Felix von Bredow
Dancers – Nicholas Losada, Réginald Lefebvre
Lighting design – Crego Christian
Camera – Terence Kohler, Manoela Gonçalves
Editing – Anne Gryczka

Premiere – 26th July 2021, Origen Festival Cultural
Julierpass, Switzerland