Die Stühle Trailer

In July, for the fifth year in a row, Dustin Klein, Simon Lovermann and myself were invited back to Origen Festival Cultural to create a full length evening to be premiered and performed in the incredible red tower in the Swiss mountains.

‘Die Stühle’, based on Eugene Ionesco’s play ‘Les Chaises’ from 1952, takes place in a tower in the middle of a circular island surrounded by nothing but stagnant sea. The old couple who live in the tower are isolated from the world and also from each other. Preparing for a big announcement to be made which will affect the future mankind, the couple greet imaginary guests and reminisce about past times but ultimately the empty chairs and invisible crowd become a metaphor for the reality of unreality.

A big thank you to Terence Kohler and Manoela Gonçalves for filming and to Anne Gryczka for editing the trailer. And of course to Giovanni Netzer and everyone at Origen Festival Cultural for giving us the opportunity and freedom to create!


after the play by Eugene Ionesco

Choreography – Dustin Klein
Composition and live music – Simon Lovermann
Costume design – Louise Flanagan
Actor – Felix von Bredow
Dancers – Nicholas Losada, Réginald Lefebvre
Lighting design – Crego Christian
Camera – Terence Kohler, Manoela Gonçalves
Editing – Anne Gryczka

Premiere – 26th July 2021, Origen Festival Cultural
Julierpass, Switzerland

October 19th, 2021

Konfekt Magazine

At the beginning of July I was invited to take part in a round table discussion with ‘a group of movers and shakers from from film, theatre, photography and print’ for issue 4 of Konfekt Magazine.

Fresh out of quarantine and straight from my vaccination appointment, I had a lovely and inspiring lunch at Schumann’s Bar with Anne Urbauer, Adele Kahout, Fiona Ones, Lissie Kieser and Simon Lovermann. A great welcome back to Munich after a few months away!

Issue 4 of Konfekt Magazine is out now and can be purchased here.

All photos by Amelie Niederbuchner.

September 17th, 2021

Psychomachia at Origen Festival Cultural

In July Dustin Klein and his regular collaborators, Simon Lovermann and myself, were invited back to Origen Festival Cultural for the fourth year in a row. Always a very special project and experience, this year we felt even more privileged to be a part of the festival due to the current pandemic. Giovanni Netzer, Flavia Kistler and all involved at Origen Festival worked around the clock making sure this summers festival (with eight dance premieres!) could still take place whilst ensuring the health and safety of audiences, staff, artists and local residents.


We were very lucky to have film makers Maxim Derevianko and Serena Perla following part of the creative process in Munich and the resulting performances in Riom and create two trailers – ‘Behind the Scenes’ and a ‘Performance trailer’.



Choreography – DUSTIN KLEIN

Costume design - Louise Fanagan


Lighting design - Serge Schmuki

Voice and Text - Felix von Bredow

Dancers - Henry Grey, Kristina Lind, Elvina Ibraimova, Maria Chiara Bono, Carollina de Souza Bastos

Film – Maxim Derevianko and Serena Perla

August 30th, 2020

Vogue Germany – Eden Documentary

I’m very excited to present the premiere of ‘Eden’ with Vogue Germany!

Filmmaker ANNE GRYCZKA followed and documented the creative process of Dustin Klein’s ‘Eden’ from rehearsals in the studio, costume fittings, music composition and graphic design to the final performances in the Swiss mountains as part of the Origen Festival Cultural.

To read Anne’s full interview with Vogue click here!


Choreography – DUSTIN KLEIN

Music – Simon Lovermann

Costume design – Louise Flanagan

Graphic design – PAUL PUTZAR

Lighting design – Jorge Bompadre

Dancers – Antonia McAuley, Kristina Lind, Henry Grey, Robin Strona


May 26th, 2020
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