Origen Festival Cultural

Origen Festival Cultural is a dance/opera/theatre festival in the picturesque Swiss mountain village of Riom. With two permanent theatres; Burg Riom (an 800 year old castle), the Clavadeira (a converted barn) and the temporary Julier Tower at 2300m above sea level, the festival offers a unique experience to Swiss and international audiences wishing to combine newly commissioned theatre productions with beautiful surroundings and architecturally stunning performance spaces.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Dustin Klein conceiving and forming the concept and designing sets and costumes for ‘Old News’, premiering in the Burg Riom on the 16th July 2017. Along with Simon Karlstetter (music, concept), Marc Laperrouze (lighting design), Karim Weth (sound design) and five fantastic dancers, we spent two weeks rehearsing and performing in the castle, enjoying other performances and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Thank you so much to the festival director Giovanni Netzer for inviting us, and to Florence Ursprung, Maurus Candreja and everyone at Origen for such an enjoyable process and wonderful time in Riom!



Choreography – DUSTIN KLEIN
Set and costume design – Louise Flanagan
Sound design – Karim Weth
Lighting design – Marc Laperrouze
Dancers – Nicha Rodboon, Maria Daniela González Muñoz, Jonah Cook, Nicholas Losada, Dukin Seo


September 26th, 2017

Junge Choreographen – Bavarian State Ballet

On Friday 30th June 2017 as part of the ‘Opernfestspiele 2017′, the Bavarian State Ballet premiered an evening of young choreographers. I designed the costumes for the first of four newly commissioned pieces for the company, ‘Mama, ich kann fliegen’ by Dustin Klein. The whole evening was a great success, with four contrasting but complementing choreographies by Dustin Klein, Benoît Favre, Anton Pimonov and Andrey Kaydanovskiy. Congratulations to all involved and a big thank you to Theama for Dance in Sicily for making the costumes.

For the next few days, a short video and interview with Dustin Klein about his piece is available here on the Bayerische Rundfunk Mediathek.

More photos coming soon!


Mama, ich kann fliegen 

Choreography – Dustin Klein
Music - Georg Vorsamer
Costume Design – Louise Flanagan
Lighting Design – Paul Putzar

Dancers – Nicholas Losada, Mai Kono, Nicha Rodboon, Maria Daniela Gonzalez Munoz, Dukin Seo, Jonah Cook

July 3rd, 2017

Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932

Having not had time to visit the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow and see their Malevich collection (the weather was so beautiful any spare time was spent outside exploring the city!), I was fortunate to catch Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. After studying Malevich and Suprematism for the piece ‘X²’, it was extraordinary to be standing in front of a wall filled with some of his most famous and inspiring works.

March 25th, 2017

Moscow – X² at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre

On the 10th March 2017, Dustin Klein’s latest choreography ‘X²’ premiered at the Stanislavsky Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre in Moscow. ’X²’ is based on and inspired by the work of the Russian avant-garde artist, Kazimir Malevich; in particular the pureness and simplicity of the Suprematist art movement and his iconic ‘Black Square’.

The whole team had a great week preparing for the premiere in Moscow – an impressive and exciting city that I would love to visit again. Creative director for the incredible visuals is Paul Putzar and they were brought to life by Nicolai Kovacs’ animation skills.

A big thank you to all of the dancers involved, artistic director Laurent Hilaire and last but by no means least, producers of the ‘Intersection Point’ evening Ksenia Nikolskaya and Daria Fomina.


Choreography – Dustin Klein
Costume Design – Louise Flanagan
Creative Direction – Paul Putzar
Animation – Nicolai Kovacs
Music – Kangding Ray, William Basinski

Dancers - Valeria Mukhanova, Aleksey Lubimov, Ksenia Shevtsova,
Alexander Seleznev, Zhanna Gubanova, Sarel Afanasyev, Polina Zayarnaya

March 25th, 2017
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